• Improve Your Fitness
    Learn to Tap Dance and improve your fitness. Tap
    is a fun style of dance and is a great way to keep
    fit. It is weight bearing and assists in developing
    bone density. It increases cardiovascular
    conditioning and builds strength in the whole body,
    especially the legs and feet in addition to increasing
    flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. It will
    improve your balance, posture and co-ordination,
    and in total will give you a feeling of well-being.
  • Tap Dancing Is Fun
    Tap Dancing has many benefits and is a fun style
    of dance that anyone at any age can learn. You
    don't need any previous dance experience and it
    is a great way to keep fit and relieve stress.
    It builds confidence and is an excellent social
    activity especially for adults as you can learn
    new skills, make friends, keep fit and have fun.
  • Rhythm and Timing
    Learn to Tap Dance and increase your knowledge
    of different time signatures. As you build your
    step vocabulary you will develop good listening
    skills, this will improve your musicality, rhythm
    and timing as you tap out different steps and
    combinations. You will be amazed at how quickly
    you will be able to enjoy tapping out interesting
    rhythms opening the door to the fabulous world
    of improvisation.
  • Improve Your Memory
    Learning to Tap Dance and tapping those toes will
    enhance your cognitive abilities. Each time you
    learn a new step, a step sequence or a routine,
    you are exercising your memory. Tap dancers
    develop good mental and muscle memory to
    become proficient at tapping. As we get older
    our short-term memory gradually deteriorates
    and Tap Dancing can help to slow down the

Tap Dance Classes in Hereford

We specialise in teaching tap dance to all ages and abilities in and around Hereford.
Our classes have a warm and friendly atmosphere with the emphasis on having fun whilst learning a new skill. Tap dance has evolved over many generations of different cultures and gives today's tap dancer a diverse variety of styles to enjoy. We teach a wide spectrum of tap styles from traditional rhythm tap, musical theatre jazz tap, right up to the modern day Tap Dogs style. Tap dance can also introduce you to many different styles of music from jazz, blues, rock, ragtime, disco, hip hop and many many more. Tap dance is a great social activity especially for adults as you can learn new skills, make friends, keep fit and have fun. Click here for 'Term Dates and Classes'.

What is Tap

A tap dancer has small metal plates attached to the heel and ball of their shoes, when these plates touch a hard floor it produces tapping sounds. Interesting rhythmical sequences and patterns make the dancer not only a performer but also a percussive musician.

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Tap Attack
London Tap Jam
Dance Direct, UK Dancewear Specialist

Lastest News

Sunday November 15, 2015


What an achievement, we managed 7,363 tappers this year, only 233 short off smashing the world record. Total funds raised are in excess of £36,000, well done everyone. We will be trying again next year. Featbeat Tappers raised £281.64 for BBC Children in Need. Thank you! Click here for more information

Thursday December 17, 2015

Tappers Christmas Meal

Frankie & Benny's New York Italian Restaurant & Bar, celebrate the festive season with a 2 or 3 course festive menu £16.95 or £19.95 - 7.30pm. To book telephone Tracy on 07811155746

Fourth Sunday Every Month

London Tap Jam

Improvised tap dance with live jazz trio at Ronnie Scott's jazz club. Just £7 (£4 for participants) www.londontapjam.org.Read more....

March 18-20, 2016

Move It - London

The UK's biggest dance event, exhibitors, dancewear, take dance classes, spot your favourite dance celebrities. At ExCel, London. For more info log on to www.moveitdance.co.uk.